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Pyramis Lab, an accelerator for innovation

Pyramis Lab gathers together the ongoing initiatives and innovation projects. Depending on the topics and need for expertise, we collectively involve consulting partners, laboratories, industrialists, institutional players and clusters.
The methodology and solutions devised in the context of the innovation projects are shared with our clients to accelerate their performance and value creation.

The objective of Pyramis Lab is to :

  • develop solutions which will accelerate our clients’ performance and value creation
  • provide our teams of consultants with the necessary methodological developments for their missions

Our Consultancy methods And tools

For 25 years we have self-financed all our methodology developments at a level equivalent to 10% of our revenue. Feedback from missions and continual evolution are the drivers behind these developments.

Collective research projects

Our continual research work is driven by organisational breakthroughs and management approach. This research work is undertaken in collaboration with a laboratory and a dedicated resource. Social innovation is one of the topics on which we focus in the course of our research.

Feasability studies for innovation projects

Our missions in high tech businesses offer us the opportunity to work with our clients on the development of innovative, breakthrough industrial projects.